Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Gust Speed
PV Voltage
Remote Battery
Latitude: 44° 48.22' N
Longitude: 063° 33.22' W
Altitude: 60 meters
Station uptime: 0 days, 0 hours, 5 minutes
Server uptime: 28 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes

Charged up 2018-04-27

I realized I was overengineering things, so just hooked my smaller PV panel and a TP4056-based battery charger module. It's been gloomy all weekend, but it seems to be holding its own, battery voltage wise.

Ooops 2016-12-28

I made a couple of mistakes getting things more stable. First, I tried using 4 AA batteries as a power source for node 1, to see how long they would last and so avoid too many intrusions on the running system. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the battery voltage divider, put too much voltage in to the ADC and blew up the Arduino Pro mini running the station. I've replaced the Pro mini and dropped back down to 3 cells (4.2 V), which is still a bit too high. Will leave it alone until I progress on the solar power. Secondly, I was experimenting with a bit more sophistication on the MQTT topics, and forgot I had changed it on the weewx MQTT subscriber. I couldn't figure out why I was getting no data, so lost a day or so of readings. Back to just one topic for now. I've added a "heartbeat" publication from the RF214/MQTT broker, to keep the MQTT connection up. We have had quite a bit of rain, and either that or some slight hardware failure has made communications to the remote station unreliable. I manufactured a 5 element yagi for the base station, which improved things slightly. Not good enough, so I moved the station a bit closer. It's reliable now.

Indoor measurements 2016-12-07

Indoor measurements are now being mereged in with the outdoor. Through the magic of publish/subscribe, the MQTT-subscriber weewx driver gets both independent publications, as separate "loops". It accumulates the readings and then it merges them together as a record every 5 minutes. At first the indoor was from a teensy LC broadcasting to the security camera via RF24Mesh, but this week Adafruit Feather Huzzahs arrived, and the indoor sensor is now publishing onto our local LAN. Adafruit's MQTT library worked OK but was restirctive regarding topics, so I switched to Nick O'Leary's pubsubcvlient.

Communicating wirelessly 2016-11-15

Finally merged together the RF24Mesh experiments and MQTT broker exeriments. The node 1 weather station now communicates with the surveillance camera via RF24Mesh, then the camera publishes the data using MQTT to a broker running on the lab computer. I wrote a simple MQTT-based driver which subscribes to the weather topic. More write up required in case someone else wants to go this route.

Humidity is working 2016-02-02

Some interesting readings on humidity. I got the humidity sensor installed early this month, so stopped generating synthetic data. Still not outside, despite what these graphs say. That transition from fake to real data is marked with a "1".

The lab janitorial staff steam cleaned the building's floors at point 2, leading to a jump in humidity. I switched the air exchanger over to full time, medium speed operation at point 3, to drive out some of the humidity. Notice the humidity generally stays below the levels between point 1 and 2 from then on. I am not sure power consumption and noise is worth the 5% decrease in humidity. The fan is currently back on low speed.

Last night, I did some long range research planning in the bathtub for a few hours. Circled is the dispersion of that humidity through the house.

humid month

This second close-up graph shows rise (A) as the tub is filled and enjoyed, and decay (B) as the humidity is removed by the heat recovery ventilation.

humid month

The temperature compensation doesn't seem perfect. This is a Measurement Specialties HTU21D humidity sensor. Its datasheet says the temperature compensation is linear. So I may try to tweak the compensation a bit.

Extermination 2016-01-20

Finally, I think, got rid of a bug in the serial communications between the PC hosting weewx and my ardunio driver. Basically, I w as not stripping the linefeed/carriage return off returned commands. We'll see. As you may have noticed, there were some service dis ruptions over the last 2 days.

Upgraded 2015-03-15

Upgraded to weewx3.10. It was a bit messy, because I haven't set up the development and deployment environment quite right for my customizations.

installed 2015-03-02

weewx-3.01 installed, and working with simmple Arduino driver. I've also jumped on this skin. It will take some immersion to figure out Bootstrap, cheetah and more python.